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Mail in your old bat and we will make a copy in Maple ($3 per inch) or fill in the Custom Order form below and click submit.

Most orders shipped in one week.

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All bats include the Woody logo label and require one of the finishes listed below.

Length and starting price ($2 per inch, minimum $64)  32   33   34   other(max. 36")

Cupped End? $5  yes    no                    Weight (influenced by the barrel size)  -1   -2   -3  

Barrel Style (see below)   tapered   straight   convex   fungo   other $5

Barrel size   2-3/8"   2-7/16"   2-1/2"   2-9/16"   other $5

Handle Size (smallest part of bat)   7/8"   15/16"   1"   1-1/16"   other $5

Knob Style (see below)  traditional   traditional with taper   full taper   other $5

Finish  clear lacquer $8   stain or enamel $6   2 color stain $8   1/2clear 1/2 stain or enamel $6

If stained or painted please specify the color/s

Specify Barrel text ($1 per line, up to 15 characters per line)  

Fax or email your signature for the autograph model ($10) to 817-346-8506 or batsales@yesdeck.com

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